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The Autism Clinic is a support group offered to parents and community members who work and have children with ASD. The clinic meets once a month. Topics vary according to the needs of the group.


Mainstream support includes onsite visits to educator and learner. This may be extended to further workshops at Alpha School should the need arise. Further district support is done on request.

As a trans professional team we work together to provide the best support possible for our learners and their specific ASD needs. Learners are individually assessed by the team. IEDP’s are drawn up, implemented, monitored, supported and reviewed.


Our programmes are continuously updated and reviewed against various international programmes. Our teachers and support staff receive regular training. We keep up to date with the latest ASD practices and provide the most appropriate support for our learners and families. This includes Capacitar, TEACCH, Tiny Hands, South African Sign Language, Makaton, Enhance Milieu Therapy (EMT), Handle Therapy, Floor Time and the latest Early Start Denver Model.

Our school prides itself in being a forerunner in ASD research alongside well known Universities such as the University of Cape Town (CARA); University of the Western Cape and Vanderbilt University.

Autism South Africa
Autism South Africa
Autism South Africa

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