Co-ordinated by Bruce Beyer and the Alpha school for Autism, the Peace Garden started in 2008. We aim to create awareness for Autism and reconnect with mother earth .a field of opportunity

We are exploring Worm farms, Bokashi, Aquaponics, Composting, Recycling, Food Plants, building a Food Forest, Re-use, sharing, Urban Agriculture, Urban regeneration, Symbiosis, Art, water, Autism, awareness, Life, Goggos, just another day at the office!

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SARDA’s aim is to provide the opportunity of therapeutic and recreational horse riding for disabled people so that they might benefit in all aspects of their mental, physical and social lives.


Ultimate goal is that the RIDERS are taught to ride independently as possible. The riders benefit physically from the movement of the horse and from many other aspects of riding including psycho-social, self-esteem and competing with peers on equal footing.

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Should you feel that you have, or know of any suitable programs which could benefit our school, teachers or learners - please feel free to contact us with all details or proposals.

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